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Eco cleaning liquids

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Risk Value £7.20

Eco metal spot cleaner
Perfect for spot cleaning metal surfaces without leaving residue, wipe marks or damaging surface. Made from 100% eucalyptus. 30ml

Eco all purpose cleaner 
Cleans + refreshes. Washable hard surfaces. Eco Friendly.
Made from less than 5% surfactant, fragrance, preservative. Less than 30% alkaline sodium salts, more than 30% aqua.Not tested on animals. Made in England by Fill. 500ml

Eco glass & steel cleaner 
Cleans windows, glass and mirrors without streaks. Eco friendly. 
Made from less than 5%: GLYCOL ETHER, ISOPROPANOL, PEG ESTER, FRAGRANCE, 30% aqua. Not tested on animals. Made in England by Fill. 300ml